Anatomy courses

Plastinates and real specimens

Von Hagens Plastination offers Anatomy classes of all levels. All classes are given by our professional staff with more than 20 years of experience. Compared to normal teaching environments, we offer small classes in our customized facilities.

Rather than teaching with books we are using plastinates and more practical approachs to learn anatomy. The classes are far more vivid and didactically understandable than learning with books or computers.

We emphasize on small groups with high quality classes and a new learning experience.

All Anatomy classes are taking place in our AnatomyTeaching Center Plastinarium. Here we offer conference and class rooms of different sizes, self-learning-stations with computers serving software for learning anatomy and a wide selection of plastinates for all regions and types of theoretical anatomy classes. Further we offer a wide selection of anatomy books and literature for additional learning aids.