Plastination courses

Plastination Courses

Von Hagens Plastination cooperates with BIODUR offering Plastination courses for professionals who already plastinate or who are planning to open their own plastination laboratory. The experienced  BIODUR staff will give you a deep insight into plastination and the know-how you need to produce plastinates on your own. 

The Plastination courses provide the basis of the plastination technique such as proper wet dissection of specimens and covers the main steps of plastination such as dehydration, vacuum forced impregnation and curing. In addition, it will teach the silicone plastination technique in more detail.


For experienced professionals we offer customized lessons in specialized fields such as preventing shrinkage, coloring, special injection methods and many more.

Please ask our sales team for more information and details.

The courses take place in Heidelberg or Munich, Germany. For further information please contact:

phone:  + 49 - 6221 - 33 11 11
fax:         +49 - 6221 - 33 11 12