Teaching specimens

Teach and discover anatomy in another dimension

Our line of anatomical resources includes silicone plastinates, sheet plastinates, anatomy glass, blood vessel configurations, skeletons and skulls.The majority of our specimens stem from real human bodies preserved through the revolutionary technique of plastination.

Our teaching plastinates and specimens are characterized by the highest quality standards. Our anatomy specialists, some with more than 20 years experience, meticulously dissect our specimens to highlight even the smallest details and ensure anatomical accuracy. We develop our line of plastinates exclusively in Germany.

All Plastinates are odorless and non-toxic even when handling without gloves. They are durable, flexible, authentic and do not shrink.

Plastinates allow a considered encounter and deep engagement with human biology and anatomy, with none of the hallmarks of traditional specimens. Once medical professionals study human biology and pathology through plastinated specimens, they invariably view traditional specimens as early forerunners of plastination or relics of medical history. The pioneering specimen preservation method of Plastination has changed the way medical professionals, researches and students engage with, and learn about, the human body.

When browsing through our teaching specimens, you can already select specific specimens for a quotation. Under inquiries you can see a summary of the specimens you selected. You can then complete the inquiry for quotation with your contact information and we will contact you within 48 hours.

You find a great selection of our specimens in this area. Please note we also make custom-ordered specimens with your own specifications. If you cannot find the specimen you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be happy to give you further assistance and information.