Silicone Plastinates

Silicone Plastinates are plastinated specimens from real human bodies. They include almost every body part from organs and nerve systems to whole body specimen. 

Silicone Plastinates have a high didactical value and are particularly suitable for universities and museums. Their unique three-dimensional complexity illustrates the intricate structure of the musculoskeletal system and the inner organs as well as their relative position to each other. These specimens keep their natural form and thus allow students and professionals to examine structures and details of the body better than any model.  
More than 400 teaching institutions around the world use plastinated specimens for teaching.

 Silicone Plastinates are odorless and not harmful to health even when handling without gloves. They are durable, flexible, authentic, do not shrink. Anatomy specialists dissect our specimen with painstaking detail and anatomical precision to assure accuracy and highest quality.

All Plastinates are produced in Germany, near Berlin. Each Plastinate is handmade and produced under strict ethical guidelines.